Seasonal Wellbeing

Why embrace the energy of the season?

When we are in tune with the seasons we are more in tune with our inner rhythms and feel a greater connection to the earth. This enriches our vital force and connects us with the energy of the universe. Life flows when we work with rather than against nature.

Reflecting on each season gives us the opportunity to pause, to question, to refocus on our vision  for our life. In this process we learn about ourselves and our connection to the world around us, we find rhythm and a sense of belonging.

Sometimes we need to see a reason for making a change and for taking action. I urge you to consider this – your health and wellbeing have a ripple effect on your family and your community. Your health and wellbeing allows you to make beautiful contributions to the world. Your wellbeing is the world’s wellbeing. And, that is what embracing the energy of the seasons is all about.

As you journey through the four seasons I offer you my own reflections on seasonal wellbeing.

Wishing you happy, healthy and fulfilling days to come,




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