Free Online Meditations

Meditation is a beautiful practice to help us pay attention to the moments of life and grow in awareness of ourselves and our relationships. When we meditate together our practice is enhanced and we connect to the common humanity which we all share.

To support your practice I offer regular online meditation sessions based on the teachings and meditations of  One World Academy.


Nurturing Relationships Online Series – 45 min sessions

Commences: Sunday 31st January, 2016 for 8 weeks (no session Sunday 28th February)

Time: 19:00 Brisbane time / 09:00 GMT


Soul Sync Online Weekly Group practice – 30 min sessions

Thursdays 06:00 and 08:30 Brisbane time

Soul Sync meditation is an awesome practice from One World Academy to help us gain greater clarity & calm in daily life and to help us gain the potential to manifest our heartfelt intentions. Soul Sync leads us to the experience of limitlessness.


Log in details for each session are the same:

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:

International numbers available:

Meeting ID: 246 877 806


Here’s what participants of these sessions have to say:

“Thank you again for last night Bianca. It was lovely to reflect on how fortunate we are and on what it is to show gratitude. I went to sleep thinking of everything I am grateful for – waking up and hearing the birds sing, being able to walk along the beach in the early morning, my healthy family and friends, my working body, although not perfect, it has all senses working with arms and legs to appreciate movement, the sound of music and laughter, hugging my children, hearing them play and laugh, to be fortunate enough to have nourishing food and clean water readily available to us. the list goes on….Thank you once again for the beautiful meditation” ~ Emma Hansen, Australia

“I have been learning to stop worrying about things that haven’t happened. I am prone to anxiety and as a result was having trouble sleeping. I began thinking about this group and these sessions and the connection I feel during these sessions.  I have been teaching myself to calm down and stop worrying about things. But I still find that during the middle of the night the problems seem a lot worse than they actually are. The breathing definitely helps me.” Sara, Australia

“I am more aware of my breath in daily life. There is more of a feeling of happiness too, not that I wasn’t happy or optimistic before, but it’s growing. I feel I am more aware in general, more grounded somehow and able to handle things that come up. It’s easier to make decisions too, I don’t agonise over them as much as I used to. I feel humble and grateful to be part of this group”. “Inspired” Colleen, Australia

“Still doing my daily Soul Sync an it’s having a remarkable effect on all the conflict around me….I seem so much less bothered by it. Thank you for teaching this to us.” (JF)

These online meditation sessions are open to any interested participants and are offered free of charge. For further details please contact me via



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