When I conceived the idea of Share, Grow and Heal a number of years ago my initial focus was on paying forward what had helped me to appreciate and honour the menstrual cycle, feel empowered by two beautiful pregnancy and birth experiences, develop a deep love for the environment that sustains us and to feel that I had something to share with other women. So, Share, Grow and Heal began with the focus of supporting and empowering girls and women. But as I have grown, as I have faced challenges personally I have seen the importance of expanding Share, Grow and Heal to include all. I strongly believe that we need women, men, and children from all backgrounds to come together as ONE, to SHARE this beautiful life, to GROW in our awareness and understanding of each other and to HEAL our relationships with each other and the earth.

I believe that when we look within we find all the answers we are seeking – what I share with you will be from my own experience and background. If something I share resonates with you, I encourage you to reflect on that in the context of your own personal experience. If something I share evokes discomfort or disagreement within you, I encourage you to reflect on that also. Most importantly, I wholeheartedly encourage you to look within and to know yourself.

Share, Grow and Heal is my heartfelt offering to the world. I am just like you, I want to live a beautiful life, I want to be happy and I want to contribute to the world. I see that we are all part of the web of life, each a piece in a really big puzzle, each important, each with a place and a purpose – I hope that by playing my part I may inspire you to play yours and fully shine your light into the world.




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    • Thank you for your lovely feedback and taking the time to get in contact. I am grateful to share with you and wish you well. Namaste, Bianca


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