A Summer Pause

Pausing seems to be a theme for me this summer and pausing gives me time to ponder. These days when I ponder I am drawn to look within, I reflect on the vision I have for my life, I reflect on the importance of self-care, and I smile as I reflect on all the blessings of life.

In this midst of my pausing and pondering an “Ode to Summer” has emerged.


As Summer builds, I slow down…

A smile grows to replace a frown.

I sit and I breathe deeply… 

I pause and take the time to ponder,

I close my eyes and I start to wonder…..

At times the heat, it gets to me…

Until I remember to just smile and be.

I sit and I sip slowly…

I look within, I see a light,

It’s always there shining bright…..

I look and see the sea turn wild,

With eyes wide open just like a child.

I sit and I smile broadly…

The thunder rolls, lightning does crash,

In pours the rain with forceful splash…..

As evening falls, cicadas sing,

Another special Summer “thing”.

I sit and I sigh deeply…

The season is Summer, the time is NOW,

My heart full of gratitude, I take a deep bow…..

Do you have an Ode to Summer (or any other season) that you’d like to share?



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